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Opera Software ASA | An Almost All-in-one Investment

Opera, an almost all-in-one investment. Opera Software ASA (Opera) assembles emerging markets-, tech-, mobile-, small cap- and growth-investments, all in one share.    About Opera   Opera, a pioneer in mobile browsing, was founded in 1995 by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsoey, two staff-members of the Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor. Opera Software ASA went public in early 2004 and since then it is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker OPERA) and headquartered in Oslo, Norway. In the USA, the American Depository Receipts (ADR) are traded over the counter with the ticker symbol  OPESY (ISIN US68371J060).   Opera The Opera group nowadays contains several technology corporations, such as AdMarvel Inc, an ad-serving and mediation platform,  Mobile Theory, a premium mobile ad network in the United States, 4th Screen Advertising Ltd., a premium ad network in the United Kingdom, FastMail.FM, an email provider and Skyfire, the browser developer and network and video optimizer. The first three units, mentioned above, are combined as Opera Mediaworks.   Small Cap   With total assets of $402 million and a market capitalisation of $1.3 billion you may consider Opera as a true small cap, even if it is a global player in terms of mobile browsing. Currently, Opera counts 125,802,816 shares (fully diluted) or about 62.901.404 ADRs. The Opera ADR is not listed on a US exchange, but trades in the over-the-counter market, at which each ADR is equivalent to two shares. Most of the market capitalisation can be considered as free float.   Growth   In the latest presentation, Opera says they enable more than 400 million internet consumer to connect and discover the world wide web. And the number is growing. Alone the number of its mobile users has grown more than 20% during the last 12 months, from 210 million to more than 260 million active monthly mobile users. Especially the completely renewed Opera Browser for Androidsmart phones and tablets was a huge success. The number of active monthly Android users grew more than 100% from 25 to 65 milllion in July 2013. Globally, Opera was the leading mobile browser brand until the summer of 2012. Nowadays Opera takes the third position, just behind Android and Apple, which are both showing a falling tendency, while Opera`s mobile market share seems to be gaining slightly again =&9=&

Neuer Opera-Browser beta für Android

Die norwegische Opera Software ASA hat kürzlich ihren neusten Browser als Beta für Android Tabs und Smartphones herausgebracht. Und auch wenn es noch Beta ist – der neue Browser begeistert sofort. Mittlerweile gab es auch schon diverse Updates, so dass eine marktreife Version sicher nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lässt.


Insgesamt kommt der neue Opera Browser optisch aufgeräumter daher. So wurden beispielsweise Adress- und Suchfenster zusammen gelegt und die Benutzerführung intuitiver gestaltet. Auch kann man mit Opera´s Speed Dial jetzt nicht mehr nur einzelne Favoriten, sondern gleich ganze Ordner anlegen. weiterlesen

New Opera Mini Next deserves a wow!

The beta of the new Opera Mini 7.0 [Next] browser seems promising. As its predecessor it comes along with Speed Dial and Opera Link Sync. New is its so called Smart Page. On the Smart Page you will find latest postings of your social networks, like facebook or twitter, your favorite links, last visited pages and RSS news, all assembled on one central homepage. And it works pretty on my Nokia.

To learn more about the new Opera Mini and the new Opera Mobile 12 read the press release at or get the browser direct on your handset at weiterlesen